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Please read the Terms of Service and Conditions before you send us your documents for processing. We reserve the right to update our Terms of Service and Conditions at any time.

PoliceClearanceCertificates.com. works closely with the different Law Enforcement Agencies to facilitate the issuance of giving the Police Clearance Certificate (this includes authentications, attestations, legalizations and certifications) at your request. We make every effort to process your request in a timely manner. Please be aware that the issuance of a Police Clearance Certificate is entirely at the discretion of the issuing Government agencies, Embassy or Consulate. The Government agencies, Embassies or Consulates, have the final say on whether to approve or deny an application on the PCC to be issued. PoliceClearanceCertificates.com guarantees that they will submit your application to the appropriate Government agencies, Embassy or Consulate, as instructed by you. However, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com makes no guarantee that the Government agency, Embassies or Consulates, will issue a PCC exactly as you requested.

Additionally, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com makes no guarantee that the country you are requesting your PCC for will accept your documents even if the appropriate Government agency, Embassy or Consulate, has issued you a Police Clearance Certificate. Once you have mailed/uploaded your documents to our office/website, you agree that you have verified them with the country requesting it. Once the PCC is provided by the appropriate Government agency, Embassy or Consulate, the same will be returned to you, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com will have completed their obligation of service.

By sending your Police Clearance Certificate application to PoliceClearanceCertificates.com, you accept all the requirements, restrictions and limitations on liability set forth herein and specifically agree that PoliceClearanceCertificates.com shall not be liable to you for the action or inaction by the Government agency, Embassy or Consulate or for the performance by any third party delivery company. At all times and under all circumstances, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com will have liability and will not refund any amount once the application is being processed. Under no circumstance shall PoliceClearanceCertificates.com be liable to you for any indirect or consequential losses and damages, including lost profits or punitive damages. Your sole remedy against PoliceClearanceCertificates.com for failure to obtain a PCC, authentication, attestation, legalization and/or certification in a timely manner shall be the PoliceClearanceCertificates.com service fees actually paid by you.

Your personal data: We physically store your personal data such as your contact information, order request, supporting documentation, etc. for up to one year. Once we have held your personal data for one year, we will securely destroy your personal data. Electronic personal data will be be stored for a longer period of time. PoliceClearanceCertificates.com takes security seriously and handles your personal data and documents with the utmost professional care. However, once your documents are in the hands of the Government agency, Embassy, Consulate, courier (FedEx, DHL, DTDC, etc.), affiliate, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com shall not be held liable for the handling of your personal data and documents.

Tracking Software: When you provide us your information, you agree to allow us to contact you by email, phone, whatsapp and/or text messages. Please note that we use certain third party service providers (ie Google, Live Chat) on our Site to enhance your experience or deliver certain services. These providers may collect your Personal Data in performing their services and/or functions on our Site.

Cancellations: PoliceClearanceCertificates.com service fees are charged for submitting your application to the appropriate Government agencies, Embassy or Consulate, and such fees are non-refundable even if your Police Clearance Certificate is denied by the Government agency, Embassy or Consulate. Approved Police Clearance Certificate will not be returned until full and final payment has been received by PoliceClearanceCertificates.com. There will be no refund once application is received by our agency. In case any additional documents are required and the customer doesn’t submit those additional documents in that case no refund will be initiated.

Processing Times: Our processing times are based on business days. It begins from the date that we receive your document(s) and does not take into consideration the courier shipping to and from the client and PoliceClearanceCertificates.com. The processing time is just an estimate time and we try our level best to get your PCC in that time frame. However PoliceClearanceCertificates.com will not be held responsible for any delays incurred by the Government agency, Embassy, Consulate or couriers (FedEx, DHL, DTDC, etc.), whether due to weather or a shutdown or a lockdown or any other unforeseen circumstances and neither discounts nor refunds will be issued. Upon completion of your request, your PCC will be dropped off or picked up by one of our couriers and shipped to you based on your return shipping request or you might have to go to the countries local embassy to pick it us.

Guarantee: If we are unsuccessful in obtaining your PCC due to our mistake or mishandling of your document, we will provide a full refund. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining your PCC because you did not properly follow our directions, neither a full or partial refund will be provided. If you decide to have us re-attempt your PCC, a complete fee will be added to your invoice.

Lost Documents: We will not be held responsible for lost documents shipped from the client to PoliceClearanceCertificates.com. If a document is lost in transit from the client to us, the client will be responsible for contacting the courier or shipping company who attempted to deliver the document to try and locate the lost document. If we complete our service and your document is lost by either the Government agency, Embassy, Consulate or by our courier (FedEx, DHL, DTDC etc.) en route to you, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com will make their best effort to locate the lost document. The client will allow us 30 calendar days to locate the lost document after it has been discovered missing. If the lost document is not recovered after 30 calendar days, PoliceClearanceCertificates.com will re-attempt the service on the client cost.

Translation and Apostille of Documents: All documents needing an apostille must first be apostilled and then translated. Our translators do not represent other countries. They do not know the laws of other countries or the specific requirements of the Embassy or Consulate offices. The translator’s responsibility is solely to translate your documents into the language you requested. Once the translation is completed it will be send to you. If you find errors in your translated documents, please let us know within 3 days of receipt of your translations and we will make our best efforts to correct any errors.

Please contact PoliceClearanceCertificates.com at +918595390971 or info@policeclearancecertificates.com

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