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The Police Clearance Certificate of Lebanon is issued from Judicial Department of the Interior Security Forces. It is an official document for criminal background check issued by the Judicial Department of the Interior Security Forces. PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) is also known as by other names such as:

  • Certificate of Character
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • Police Check
  • Identity History Summary Check
  • Criminal History Record Check

Lebanon Police Clearance Certificate requirement is for Immigration to other countries such as Canada, USA, New Zealand Australia etc etc…, Visa Purpose, Adoption in other countries, for Work Permit and for Job etc etc… Police Clearance Certificate is a document that is issued by the Judicial Department of the Interior Security Forces which contains the information about the applicant about his involvement in criminal activities.

5 Easy Steps to get the Lebanon Police Clearance Certificate

One should assign a relative (spouse, sibling, parent, or child over 18 years of age) who is living in Lebanon power of attorney and ask them to submit a request letter on your behalf to the commander of the judicial police. They must apply in person and bring:

  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Copy of your residency permit for Lebanon (if available)
  4. A letter from you stating:
    • Your residential address when you lived in Lebanon
    • Information about your employment/employer while in Lebanon (or the school you attended)
    • How long you lived in Lebanon (give exact dates: from (blank) to (blank))
  5. Applicable fees

The commander will forward your request to the criminal record department where your relative who submitted the letter can obtain the criminal record.

Document Required:

  • Authority Letter:
  • Old Passport Copy with stamp and visa pages copy:
  • New Passport copy (front and back):
  • A application letter consisting your details;
  • 5 passport size photograph with white background:
  • PCC / Police Clearance Certificate processing fee.

Police Certificates are issued at five different police stations in Lebanon:

  • Central: Furn El Chebback Street, Beirut. Telephone: 01/292880 – 01/292885
  • North: El-Tell Brigade, Tripoli (El-Tell Brigade). Telephone: 06/440315
  • South: Serail of Saida (Serail of Saida). Telephone: 07/720051
  • South: ISF compound, Nabatieh. Telephone: 07/531221
  • Bekaa Valley: Zahle (Serail of Zahle). Telephone: 08/805045

Processing Time:

The hard copy 45-50 working days.

Processing Fees:

Processing charges along with application fees will be non-refundable.